ScootASS: Build/Test 2

After consolidating feedback from our first round of testing, we decided to proceed with one prototype:

Prototype 1:

11×18 inch tray with attached arm system clamped on to the scooter

Using a screw and clamp system with tray between the screw and clamp to allow rotation of the tray

Material – Wood

Using donut shape on top of the tray to hold plate/cup/bowl

Testing in the servery, Aitash and Shane tested prototype 1 again. The rotation proved to be difficult because the tray needed to be short enough to fit into the scooter, but it kept bumping into the front of the scooter when steering. They discovered that the rotational element of the tray wasn’t necessary, as long as the tray had some other mechanism that would allow it to move out of the way so a user could reach food. The team ideated and thought of a prototype that would use a sliding mechanism, allowing the tray to move horizontally towards and away from a user in a way that would facilitate reaching.

Prototype 2: 

11×18 inch sliding tray with attached arm system. Attached to tray using velcro strap.

Material of tray – Wood

Using donut shape on top of the tray to hold plate/cup/bowl

The sliding mechanism hasn’t been tested yet, but we created a lo-fi prototype in studio. This seems to be feasible and implementable, and our next steps will be emailing H&D to see the logistics of implementing this tray in serveries, and testing the tray.

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