Dish Drop ReDesign: IDENTIFY Community Studio

This is the kickoff of a series of events in which any Rice student attending can participate in designing for a new servery dish disposal area.

All Rice students have experienced this problem and its frustrations. Now is the time to take our insights and learn how to apply the human-centered design process to this problem. We’ll be hosting 8 events and this is the first one to kick off the project! [Full Spring 2018 Schedule]

During this session will define the problems spaces so we can dive deeper during research, IMMERSE. Spend some time looking at your prior knowledge in the dish drop area. What are your connections, personal experiences, assumptions, and questions about the space?

We took some time to familiarize ourselves with the dish drop area at Hanszen during a dinner at South Servery. Make observations about the behaviors of both the students and employees.

Bring a few observations, insights, images, facts, stories from your own experience in the space! Check out a variety of servery dish disposal locations and submit your insight:


Schedule for the rest of the semester HERE


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