Mid Semester Review: Team Compass

Before spring break, we had our mid-semester review. This was a chance to reflect on our progress and pull together all we had learned to create a compelling story about where we were headed. We decided to present one solution for feedback: an advertising and rebranding  campaign that focused on increasing education about food insecurity and visibility of the food pantry.

The feedback we received was quite helpful. Some suggested expanding our user-base past OC students. Another asked how we would reach less engaged OC students, since it can be easy to become detached to Rice’s student-centric culture while living OC. There were comments about the scope of our solution: whether it would be impactful, scalable to a national level, or too broad. All of these were important aspects to consider, and we brainstormed more refined solutions using this feedback. Moving forwards, we plan on reaching more users with our testing and focusing on the print advertising part of our solution.

Attached below is a copy of our MSR presentation. We are excited to begin building and testing our solution.

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