Access Rice: IDEATE

This week, we ideated 50+ answers to our final HCW statement, “How can we ensure event organizers on Rice’s campus accommodate for and make events appealing to students with disabilities?” We narrowed our findings down to two final ideations.

A low-fidelity prototype of our buddy system sign up form.

Buddy System: 
Our first ideation was a buddy system. Modeled after exemplary buddy systems at other universities, and tweaked for our final HCW, the buddy system aims to connect disabled students who would like to attend social events yet may feel intimidated with able-bodied peers who would like to accompany them.

Accessibility Checklist:
Our next ideation was a checklist given to event planners that provides guidelines they must follow while organizing their party. Borrowing from the principles of Universal Design, our checklist follows seven principles of accessibility. This checklist would provide a clear and concise mechanism to keep event organizers accountable, and could be included in logistical planning forms that event organizers have to provide to the Rice Student Center in order to maximize accessibility at all events on Rice’s campus.

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