Access Rice: TEST

Architectronica:¬†Before Architectronica was shut down this year (R.I.P.), a few members from our team had the opportunity to see how accessible the party was after party organizers were given a copy of our accessibility checklist. We found that Architectronica was remarkably accessible, with the only exception being the men’s bathroom, which seemed to only be accessed via stairs. Upon further questioning, it was found an elevator was available, however our hope was that the checklist would prompt signage or proactivity among staff to make known that there was an elevator available to whoever needed one.

Sid Richardson College Night: We were also able to test our checklist at Sid Richardson’s College Night. We found that the event was also accessible. We did find that the majority of events in the yard which College Night was hosted required some level of physical activity, making them inaccessible to physically disabled students. Despite this, the area where people would eat food,¬†talk with friends, and simply hang out was fully accessible to students with physical disabilities.

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