Reframe: New Hope Housing

This week we completed our “reframe” step of the design process, where we reflected on the data we had collected up until this point to come up with design goals, measures of success, and two “how can we” statements that guide us into next step where we begin to ideate. The data we examined here was primarily the notes we took during our conversations with our community partner at New Hope Housing and our external research on NHH.

While our initial proposed problems space concerned the low attendance of some of the programs at NHH, we realized relatively quickly that the programs themselves weren’t necessarily the cause of low attendance. Through our interview of our community partner, we made the critical discovery that their current resident survey methods don’t adequately allow them to collect relevant, targeted information from the residents. Put more simply, NHH didn’t know why residents were attending programs at their current rate because they didn’t have the infrastructure to find out from their residents.

While fixing this deficiency won’t be a catch-all solution to fixing the initial proposed problem, it could become a way NHH can address a deeper core issue that aligns with their mission: empowering and engaging their residents to make the change they want to see in their community.

To close, we revised our “how can we” statement we made earlier in the design process:

How can we make the programs at New Hope Housing more community-driven by motivating and engaging residents to attend programs?

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