Arms Wide: Test

This week our team tackled Test. We worked on testing and getting feedback on our low fidelity prototype for our users. In building our solution, my team decided to focus on the follow-up aspect of our solution for our tests. We developed different email templates that could potentially be sent out to parents at different times. The email templates also had different sets of content and focuses. Some emails focused on supporting the parents via resources while others focused on reminding parents the steps necessary to start the adoption process. We also played around with developing different timelines for the follow up emails. Some email schemes we brainstormed were more frequent that others as we were trying to determine which timeline would be the most efficient and beneficial for parents. We then tested on our studio to ask for their understanding of the emails and which timelines they preferred.

Some feedback from our first round of testing that we got was that users liked the inclusion of a personal anecdote, inclusion of pictures, and acknowledgement the difficult parts of the adoption process. The users also appreciated that the length of the emails was not too long. This weekend we were able to send out our emails and timelines to parents that are just finishing the adoption process. These tests will provide more feedback into iterating on our follow up emails that we hope to incorporate into our final prototype.

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