Dish Drop ReDesign: REFRAME Community Studio

This is the last workshop in the UNDERSTAND phase of the design process. During this studio we will be synthesizing our key insights and deciding on how exactly we are going to narrow the problem before we build. The primary results of this studio should be creating a testable how can we statement. In other words, a question that identifies a user, behavior, and place with a measurable action associated with it.

Further Research

Key Insights

Dish drop areas get emptied out very frequently during meal times as employees rotate to each dish disposal area. During this time, the cart for loading dishes blocks an already small entryway.

Some students go through the dish drop backwards and in the wrong order, think like going backwards in a buffet line. These students end up disrupting the current flow through the dish drop.

Even if the layout in a dish drop space is correctly sequenced, the small opening to get both in and out is enough to cause congestion problems.


Synthesis & How Can We (HCW)

We split into groups and identified different users, behaviors, and places in order to generate How Can We statements.

User, Behavior, Place, Clustering Example HCWs template Selected HCWs from each group


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