Hello! We are team D.I.R.T (in Urban Gardens). D.I.R.T stands for Designing and Investigating Real Things (in Urban Gardens). This semester, we are working with Urban Harvest, a Houston-based nonprofit organization that is empowers people to grow food in their communities through community gardens, education, and farmer’s markets. Our team is working with Urban Harvest to design a tool to make community gardens in food deserts more sustainable.


We are passionate about urban food deserts, human-centered design, and urban farming. We are looking forward to meeting people in Houston’s gardening community, spending time in gardens, and working with Urban Harvest and our CP, Emily!


Team Members

Andy Cheng / Sophomore / Cognitive Sciences / horseradish

Liseth Perez-Sanchez / Senior / Psychology / eggplant

Jared Snow / Freshman / Architecture / radish

Stacy Su / Junior / Architecture / spinach

Alec Tobin / Junior / Sociology and Policy Studies / green bell pepper

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