Thread Together: Post MSR

This past Saturday, team Thread Together presented at Mid-Semester Review in front of our studio and community partners. Our presentation covered the work that we had done so far which included our research on Houston’s large refugee population, the work that The Community Cloth is doing, and our insights into the conscious customer with an emphasis on learning what draws them to a particular organization.

Eventually, we realized that the best way to increase customer engagement for The Community Cloth would be to create something that brought the organization to the conscious customer instead of waiting for the conscious customer to come to them. At MSR we presented our initial feasible solution, a postcard that serves to tell the story of TCC artisans and more about the organization itself.

At MSR, we received a lot of great feedback on our design. Moving forward we want to make sure that our design has some sort of dual purpose, going beyond being just a flyer itself so that it is not something that people discard after receiving it. We kept this feedback in mind at our team meeting following MSR and decided that instead of a postcard, a bookmark with a scrap of cloth from TCC might serve as a better way to tell the artisan story while incorporating this feedback. We have also realized that because we’ve been working on this project for so long, we are very close to it and because of this it can be hard for us to gauge if our ideas are coming across as clear. For Final Review, we want to make sure that our ideas and the message of TCC and their limitations are effectively communicated to someone unfamiliar with the project.   

Our next steps are going to be to apply the design process to determine what content is important to have on the bookmark. Eventually, we’re going to be checking out Pinterest for some design and layout inspiration, but right now content is our main focus.

See our MSR slides here:

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