Montrose Grace Place: Test

This week our team visited Montrose Grace Place, a drop-in center in Houston we are partnering with, to get feedback from individuals currently/previously experiencing homeless in Houston on our help card. At this stage, we included a short description of services, as well as bus routes to the location. The insights that drove these additions were that when interviewing youth, they often felt uncomfortable trying out going to a new resource because they were unaware what a resource had to offer them, and most all of the youth reported that their main mode of transportation was the bus. Considering these … Continue reading Montrose Grace Place: Test

Montrose Grace Place: Ideate

This week we identified what information we wanted to include in our help card. For the bulk of our weekly meeting, we brainstormed how we can best organize information on the help card. We wanted to build on the previous help card, but this time including a description of each resource’s services so that users can choose which resource they want to go to based on their needs at the time, while also adding Metro routes to each of the locations to help better navigate. Previous help cards made navigation difficult because many housing insecure youth do not have cell … Continue reading Montrose Grace Place: Ideate

Montrose Grace Place: Build

The week of Build, our group met twice. After having compiled many of the resources we want to consider including in the helpcard, each team member was assigned several shelters to do research on according to the following criteria: Basic info (address, phone number) What the resource provides Requirements (age, gender, etc.) Transportation information (bus/metro routes) We then moved into prototyping how we would present the information we collected clearly and concisely, taking up the least possible space on a helpcard that must include many resources. Everyone created a low-fidelity prototype, moving from paper to prototypes in Google Docs, and … Continue reading Montrose Grace Place: Build

Montrose Grace Place: Mid-Semester Review

Approaching the mid-semester review, we wanted to give the community a good summary of the problem we are up against, as well as show everyone how we were planning on approaching our solution going forward in the design process. In our presentation, we wanted to clearly communicate the two major problems our card will address: outdated, irrelevant information, and a lack of helpful navigation information. We also wanted to establish measurable goals, like having our users report using the help card more than once. Lastly, we asked the audience if they could help us with our biggest question: how can … Continue reading Montrose Grace Place: Mid-Semester Review

Montrose Grace Place: Reframe

Going into reframe, we wanted to start to develop our design goals before going into the ideation process. We based our How Can We statements and our measures of success on the material we retrieved from interviewing our users from the Immerse phase, as well as the information from secondary sources and internet research we had done. Ultimately we decided on this HCW statement: How can we compile and present information about the navigation to and use of resources that youth at risk of homelessness would feel comfortable with? This statement encompasses both our concerns with the usability of the … Continue reading Montrose Grace Place: Reframe

Montrose Grace Place: Immerse

In order to immerse ourselves in our users’ experiences, we traveled to the Montrose Grace Place and interviewed the youth who attend the weekly dinners and activities there. Most of the attendees at MGP are 18-21 years old, and they are a very close-knit group. They seem to come very often to MGP and have formed close relationships with each other and with those running the organization, such as our community partner, Courtey. When we told them we were redesigning the helpcard, they almost instantaneously had questions for us, especially regarding information on GED/education and daycare services. Without prompting them, … Continue reading Montrose Grace Place: Immerse

Montrose Grace Place: Identify

We are the team working with the Monstrose Grace Place and the Houston Coalition for the Homeless. Our names are Jared Snow, Ashton Drake, Chidera Ezuma-Igwe, and Matthew Perez. We are working together because we are interested and passionate about the intersectionality of LGBT+ specific issues within the homeless community.¬†We are working on designing a way to distribute information on resources that the City of Houston has to offer its homeless and housing insecure community. Specifically we are working with the Montrose Grace Place, and focusing on information which is relevant to the homeless youth. We have identified our underlying … Continue reading Montrose Grace Place: Identify