Lend a Hand: BUILD/TEST

For the past few weeks we have been focusing on building our prototypes and are ready to begin our first round of testing! When designing this writing utensil we have kept our specific HCW statement in mind: How can we create a durable, comfortable, and modular device to assist users without the use of their fingers to write efficiently. Our current prototype consists of two sleeves with one sleeve that can be strapped on around the wrist with a pen attachment (pictured in blue) and another sleeve (pictured in pink) where the pens can be stored so that the user … Continue reading Lend a Hand: BUILD/TEST

Lend a Hand: MSR/IDEATE

How can we create a durable, comfortable, modular device to assist users without the use of their fingers to write efficiently? Design Goals: Modularity: Can be used with at least 3 writing utensils and utensils can be switched out Ease of Use: The user should be able to put on and remove the device in two minutes Affordability: The device should cost less than $30   Here are some of our best ideas so far: These post its illustrate our idea of having different places to attach a writing utensil on our device to accommodate for different writing situations (like at … Continue reading Lend a Hand: MSR/IDEATE

Team Writing Utensil: REFRAME

This week we focused on reframe! We worked to scope down our problem and problem space to a specific How Can We from our research insights. The key insights that will be driving our design process forward are: Speed can be acquired, but comfort and durability is essential to achieve that. The ability to put on and remove the device as well as change out the writing utensil in current solutions requires fine motor control that the users most likely do not have. Necessary to help users pick up and choose a writing utensil to work with. We came up … Continue reading Team Writing Utensil: REFRAME

Team Writing Utensil: IMMERSE

We immersed ourselves in the problem places by doing individual online research for specific user groups and issues that may cause hand disabilities and writing difficulties. We decided that instead of focusing on specific hand disability user group to focus on the effect and how we can assist people with hand disabilities to write quicker and easier. We also got the opportunity to talk to a community partner Dr. Lee who is excited to work with us and offer us what resources he can. He has a very good engineering prospective to contribute to the solution of our problem. We … Continue reading Team Writing Utensil: IMMERSE

Writing Utensil: IDENTIFY

Meet the team! My name is Josie Garza and I am a freshman at Baker College. I am majoring in Computer Engineering. I am originally from San Antonio, Texas. I enjoy reading, theatre, art, and music. I am really excited to be on a design team this semester! Hi! I’m Nicole Mitchell and I’m a junior at Brown majoring in computer science and minoring in engineering design. I love hiking, running and skiing. This is my fourth semester with DFA and first time leading a project. I’m excited to get started! My name is Shane Digiovanna and I am a … Continue reading Writing Utensil: IDENTIFY