Team CHAUS: Mid-term Recess

After Mid-term Recess, Team Chaus continued to deeply understand the various problem spaces and gather user insights. After receiving over 240 responses to our initial survey, we spent most of this week interviewing those who opted for a follow-up interview and communicating with other stakeholders, such as employees (also known as “Keepers of Coffee,” or “KOCs”) and suppliers. The initial survey sent out to the public. Graphic designed by Katherine Hui. One of the most rewarding aspects of the design process became clear as we discovered more perspectives on sustainability. We learned that many customers were informed about the sustainability … Continue reading Team CHAUS: Mid-term Recess

Team CHAUS: Immerse

This week, Team CHAUS focused on immersing themselves in the issue of sustainability in Rice Coffeehouse and its users. Before starting this stage, we had already done research into CHAUS’s various current sustainability initiatives that included discounts on bringing your own mug, in-house mugs, and more. We first started out by creating a survey that generated over 200+ responses about their general habits and knowledge of these current sustainability solutions. From these responses, we were able to gain an understanding that while most people already know about CHAUS’s sustainability initiatives the overall usage of them is low. Afterward, we conducted … Continue reading Team CHAUS: Immerse

Introduction – Team CHAUS

  Introduction – Team Chaus Hello all! We are Team Chaus comprised of Sabrina Bisaga, Adam Oshan, Katherine Hui, and Brandon Cua. Sabrina Bisaga is a junior and a returning member with her second semester of DFA, studying Civil and Environmental Engineering. Adam Oshan is a senior and also a returning member with his second semester of DFA, studying Cognitive Sciences. Katherine Hui is a freshman and new member of DFA, studying Architecture. Last but not least, Brandon Cua is a sophomore studying Computer Science and a new member of DFA. This semester we plan to work with our community … Continue reading Introduction – Team CHAUS