Hermann Park: BUILD/TEST

  In the past few weeks, we had been working towards creating a  mascot for Hermann Park Conservancy. However, after meeting with the staff at Hermann Park, we were inspired by the stories they told us about their interactions with the park visitors. Learning about these genuine and unique stories, we decided to change the direction of the project. Instead of moving forward with designing a mascot, we decided to focus on finding a way to encourage people to interact with the gardeners, who are critical for the sustainability practices in Hermann Park. We believe increasing these types of interactions, … Continue reading Hermann Park: BUILD/TEST

Hermann Park: MSR/ IDEATE

  During the first half of the semester we narrowed our HCW statement to: HCW make groups at HP more aware of the community involvement that sustains HP? We plan to continue to narrow down the user and location as we move forward with our project. From this HCW we said that we wanted our design to be fun, interactive, attractive various ages, informative, durable, harmonious yet distinct in its space, and engaging. During ideation we came up with a wide variety of ideas ranging from a complete remodeling of the park to simply putting signs are the park. After … Continue reading Hermann Park: MSR/ IDEATE

Hermann Park : REFRAME

This week we finally had the opportunity to meet our community partner Hermann Park Conservancy! Although, we almost got lost on the way,  we were on time for our meeting. Julia McGowen, who is the Marketing and Communications Manager of Hermann Park Conservancy, introduced us to David Renninger, Director of Operations and Doreen Stoller, the President of Hermann Park Conservancy. During the meeting we were able to observe three different perspectives, but a unified definition of sustainability. HPC defined sustainability as balancing  health, social, economical and environmental benefits. They explained that the community has been part of keeping the park … Continue reading Hermann Park : REFRAME

Hermann Park : IMMERSE

  For this week, our team (Parks & Res!!)  attempted to IMMERSE in our project through two different means: Research about the park and making a site visit for interviews. We built a fancy template for on-site interviews, and in two different groups (Beril & David and Aitash, Viney & Kate) went out to Hermann park to not only interact with park-goers but the park itself. The Problem space we examined on that day was the park itself (obviously), but more specifically popular hubs such as the reflection pool, the pond, the outdoor theatre and so on. Early on in … Continue reading Hermann Park : IMMERSE

Hermann Park: IDENTIFY

Although we still haven’t decided on a team name yet, me (Beril Uzmen), David Moon, Viney Raghavan, Aitash Deepak and Kate Landry are very excited to work on this project concerning our neighbor Hermann Park. This will be Aitash and Viney’s first DFA project, we are very enthusiastic to teach them the design process and welcome them to DFA. Our goal as a team is to help communicate Hermann Park Conservancy sustainability and resilience practices to the park visitors and greater public. We also aim to raise awareness to  the significance of these sustainable practices in Hermann Park. We believe … Continue reading Hermann Park: IDENTIFY