Reframe: New Hope Housing

This week we completed our “reframe” step of the design process, where we reflected on the data we had collected up until this point to come up with design goals, measures of success, and two “how can we” statements that guide us into next step where we begin to ideate. The data we examined here was primarily the notes we took during our conversations with our community partner at New Hope Housing and our external research on NHH. While our initial proposed problems space concerned the low attendance of some of the programs at NHH, we realized relatively quickly that … Continue reading Reframe: New Hope Housing

Week IDEATE: New Hope Housing

This week, our team worked on the ideate process of human-centered design. We all independently brainstormed possible ideas – writing them on sticky notes regardless if they were wacky, super simple, easy or difficult to implement, expensive or inexpensive, etc. After clustering our ideas, we identified two themes that we were attracted to as possible solutions – a feedback system, and content of either advertising or the programs. For the feedback system, we developed the following design goals to guide our refinement of potential solutions: regular, relevant, accessible, easy-to-use, easy-to-implement. For the content portion, we identified the following design goals: … Continue reading Week IDEATE: New Hope Housing

Week [Identify]: [New Hope Housing]

This week, our team worked on the “identify” stage of the design process, which involved us defining and narrowing down what our specific design challenge is for this project. We started by brainstorming facts, assumptions, and background information that we had about the project from either our prior experience in the problem space, or from the information provided on our community partner’s website. After brainstorming, we noticed a handful of emerging themes: “theories about why current programming is not effective”, “user demographics”, “information about the current program”. We agreed that these were critical categories to think about because our project … Continue reading Week [Identify]: [New Hope Housing]