Week MSR: Team New Hope Housing

One major insight that we got from the audience’s feedback form is that our user research was well conducted and our user insights were well communicated. We also saw that our audience was compelled by our reframing of the design goals from one that tackles the physical advertisements themselves to one that tackles the way that residents and staff at New Hope Housing moving forward. We were proud of how our statistics from primary and secondary research were clearly conveyed to show why we decided to make the certain design choices that we did. We also received feedback that it … Continue reading Week MSR: Team New Hope Housing

Week [Identify]: [New Hope Housing]

This week, our team worked on the “identify” stage of the design process, which involved us defining and narrowing down what our specific design challenge is for this project. We started by brainstorming facts, assumptions, and background information that we had about the project from either our prior experience in the problem space, or from the information provided on our community partner’s website. After brainstorming, we noticed a handful of emerging themes: “theories about why current programming is not effective”, “user demographics”, “information about the current program”. We agreed that these were critical categories to think about because our project … Continue reading Week [Identify]: [New Hope Housing]

BUILD: Mi Familia Vota

This week, our team focused on making a variety of tangible prototypes of voter pledge cards to communicate and test out our ideas. We identified a few points that we believed were essential to keep on the voter pledge cards, and which points could be condensed or reframed on the newly designed cards. We worked on lo-fi prototyping, or creating simple, low-cost prototypes to implement and receive feedback for our ideas. We prototype at the lo-fi level first to test out multiple ideas we have for the final product, so we can learn more about our concepts. We are currently … Continue reading BUILD: Mi Familia Vota


Did you conduct user interviews this week? If so what insight did you gain? We conducted interviews with Carolyn, Andre and Alex. Carolyn works with Civic Duty Rice, Andre is an AP U.S government teacher at KIP, and Alex is a Harvard bound high school senior. Through interviewing people of diverse backgrounds in terms of their involvement with the voting process, we were able to gain a wide variety of insights in to our problem. Through our interview with Andre, we learned that students feel particularly strongly about political issues that directly impact their communities. We also learned that although … Continue reading IMMERSE: MI FAMILIA VOTA