Montrose Grace Place: Mid-Semester Review

Approaching the mid-semester review, we wanted to give the community a good summary of the problem we are up against, as well as show everyone how we were planning on approaching our solution going forward in the design process.

In our presentation, we wanted to clearly communicate the two major problems our card will address: outdated, irrelevant information, and a lack of helpful navigation information. We also wanted to establish measurable goals, like having our users report using the help card more than once. Lastly, we asked the audience if they could help us with our biggest question: how can we make this help card self-sustainable and prevent it from becoming out of date like the other cards?

We found that In the process of preparing for our presentation, a lot of the worries and confusion we had in the weeks prior were cleared up. I personally think our team benefited greatly from organizing and presenting our thoughts before continuing to build.

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