Introduction – Team CHAUS

  Introduction – Team Chaus Hello all! We are Team Chaus comprised of Sabrina Bisaga, Adam Oshan, Katherine Hui, and Brandon Cua. Sabrina Bisaga is a junior and a returning member with her second semester of DFA, studying Civil and Environmental Engineering. Adam Oshan is a senior and also a returning member with his second semester of DFA, studying Cognitive Sciences. Katherine Hui is a freshman and new member of DFA, studying Architecture. Last but not least, Brandon Cua is a sophomore studying Computer Science and a new member of DFA. This semester we plan to work with our community … Continue reading Introduction – Team CHAUS


IMMERSE : understanding the issue at hand to a greater depth through user/stakeholder interviews, and secondary research. This week, Team YMCA focused on immersing into the issue of addressing diversity in lifeguard recruitment for the YMCA. We did this through interviewing current and previous lifeguards, lifeguard supervisors, and the aquatic directors at multiple locations, including Houston, Charlotte, and Portland. Our first interviewee included the Assistant Aquatics Director at the Rice Recreation Center, Jaime Jones. The main insights taken from this interview include the importance and influence of the lifeguard supervisor in obtaining and retaining sufficient lifeguards for the job. In … Continue reading IMMERSE: Team YMCA