Mid-Semester Review was a great time for our team to pause, reflect, and consolidate all the work that has been put into our project. In our presentation, we were focused on conveying the narrative of our project and how we reached this point in our design proposal. Throughout this project, our team faced a lot of ambiguities. Some initial questions we had included who our users were, what our interpretation of wayfinding was, and what our specific role within this larger project would be. After visiting the site, and attending the town hall meeting, we finally gained a better understanding … Continue reading MID-SEMESTER REVIEW: Open Arch

IDEATE: Open Arch

After our visit to the Northside, we had a better understanding of the neighbourhood we were working in, which allowed us to move onto ideate. During this step of the design phase, we began to think about the project in two parts: content and aesthetics. For content, we were particularly interested in the exact information that would appear on the sign. What points of interest are we trying to target? Is the purpose of the sign for going from point A to B directly? Or for wandering and enjoying the area? These were some questions that came to mind when … Continue reading IDEATE: Open Arch

Team Design Journal: IDEATE/MSR

  For this step of the design process, we were focused on ideating different ways to breakdown and approach the design journal. To recap, our original broad HCW statement was: How can we create a design journal that students can use to publish and share their projects? After reflecting on our key insights, and reframing, we narrowed our HCW statement to: How can we teach a reader human-centered design after reading one issue of the journal? ¬†Overall, our two main design goals are to convey the lessons learned during the design process, and to make “DFlAnguage” accessible to the broader … Continue reading Team Design Journal: IDEATE/MSR