BUILD: Open Arch Wayfinding

With a successful mid-semester review behind us, we began the second half of the design process this week. Build is an exciting step, as it marks the first point in which we begin to get our hands dirty in materializing the concept we have spent the first few months deliberating over. We decided that our low fidelity prototype would focus on the content, rather than the form, of the wayfinding sign we were designing. We wanted to make sure that what was actually being presented was solid and coherent, before we began diving into the specifics of the medium for … Continue reading BUILD: Open Arch Wayfinding

Identify: Team OpenArch

This week, we dove headfirst into the first stages of the design process, and began to challenge our assumptions about the problem we are trying to solve. Given that our problem revolves around a specific space in Houston, we began by defining the logistics of the space and doing some basic research about the neighborhoods we were assisting. This research consisted of reading relevant articles, searching census data, and spending time looking at online maps. We discovered that the our target area is incredibly diverse, and rapidly changing. Many new businesses are being developed, dramatically impacting the character and personality … Continue reading Identify: Team OpenArch