TIRR- Mid Season Review

Hello friends, The past week we got a lot of feedback on our low-fidelity prototype from the rest of our DFA group. Boiled down, they were: What materials will you choose, why, how,… any specific colors/textures? etc. Focus on being solid on function and then move to aesthetics. Material constraints may influence how it looks. Make sure our design doesn’t exist already In the future we’ll be thinking about these while making mid and high-fidelity prototypes. Our materials search is going to be thorough and probably somewhat lengthy. We should definitely make something that works first. And before all of … Continue reading TIRR- Mid Season Review

TIRR Reframe

Hello friends,    This week at DFA x TIRR we’re moving into prototyping! We couldn’t get interviews for some bureaucratic reasons this week. But for now, the interview we had with the patient therapist (the person who works with those with spinal cord injuries), in addition to lots of informative youtube videos by people with spinal cord injuries, are a solid enough foundation to start designing a mid-fidelity(solid but unrefined) prototype.  Looking forward, we hope to gain access to interviewing more users at TIRR. When that happens, we will be adjusting the prototype (user-testing) to better fit their needs. After … Continue reading TIRR Reframe