Access Rice: REFRAME

Our frame has narrowed to the improving the social experience of students with physical disabilities at Rice University.

Our interviews with both physically disabled students as well as event planners have revealed some important insights:

  • Students with physical disabilities feel as if parties are not “made” for them.
  • Students with physical disabilities feel that attending social events is an essential part of one’s college experience.
  • Event planners, known as “socials,” often assume that students with disabilities have no interest in attending their events.

Possible HCWs:

  1. How can we improve the quality of life for students with disabilities at Rice?
  2. How can we make the sites at which public events are planned (residential colleges, academic buildings) more accessible to students with physical disabilities?
  3. How can we ensure event organizers proactively consider accessibility in the event planning process?
  4. How can we incentivize students with physical disabilities to attend more social events and ensure they are enjoyable?

Final HCW:

How can we ensure event organizers on Rice’s campus accommodate for and make events appealing to students with disabilities?

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