INTRODUCTION: Team Magpies & Peacocks

Hello! We are team Magpies & Peacocks! We are Namita Davey(sophomore studying computer science), Johnny Wang(sophomore studying Biochemistry), Carla Aysem Sipahioglu(freshman studying computer science and political science) and Melissa (sophomore studying Economics and Business). Our team is working with Magpies & Peacocks a non-profit fashion house based in the Houston Community. We have been tasked with helping the organization to create a more efficient and self-sustaining process to handle their donations. As we explore the problem space, we will use the human design process to ensure we keep Magpies and Peacock at the center of our solution. Magpies and Peacock’s problem space is important because optimizing the donation process from start to end is crucial to achieving their goal to create socially responsible products. We look forward to working with Magpies and Peacocks!

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