TEST & ITERATE: Team Magpies & Peacocks

Based on the feedback we received from our previous test, we added a receptacle box by the front desk, and waited another week to see the results. Since we only made a change that would affect time taken to sort donations into boxes, that was the only metric we asked employees to pay attention to in this iteration. We received feedback that it took less than a day for employees to take donations from the front box and sort them into the categories at the station. Employees also expressed that the boxes under the table would need to be bigger. However, after two weeks of testing, we saw that there were still donation bags on the sorting table, which indicated that employees did not clearly understand our system. As a solution, we decided to write out clear and simple directions for the sorting station. At this point, we’ve finalized our system, and our next steps are presenting it to our community partner alongside directions, material recommendations, as well as a description of our previous sorting stations idea, which we recommend Magpies & Peacocks use temporarily to clear out the backlog of unsorted donations in the warehouse. 

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