TEST: Team Magpies & Peacocks

We tested our idea of an immediate sorting station at the Magpies & Peacocks warehouse. For our medium fidelity prototype, we brought four cardboard boxes representing different categories of donations, and set up our sorting station. We placed a large table Magpies & Peacocks already had away from the front desk, and asked the employees to first empty out donation bags onto the table, sort them into piles on the table, place the piles into their corresponding boxes, and later take the items in the boxes to their assigned locations within the warehouse. We left the prototype for a week and returned to collect results. In the meantime, we asked Magpies & Peacocks employees to pay attention to whether the categories were clear, how much time it took for employees to empty and sort the donation bags into boxes, as well as the time it took for the items in the boxes to be taken to their places within the warehouse. At the end of our testing period, we found out that it took less than two minutes for donations to go from their bags to the categorized boxes, that the donations sat in the boxes in the immediate sorting station for around three days before they were taken to their places in the warehouse, and that the categorization was clear. After our testing process, we got feedback from Magpies & Peacocks employees that a receptacle box at the front would be useful. 


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