Montrose Grace Place: Build

The week of Build, our group met twice. After having compiled many of the resources we want to consider including in the helpcard, each team member was assigned several shelters to do research on according to the following criteria:

  • Basic info (address, phone number)
  • What the resource provides
  • Requirements (age, gender, etc.)
  • Transportation information (bus/metro routes)

We then moved into prototyping how we would present the information we collected clearly and concisely, taking up the least possible space on a helpcard that must include many resources. Everyone created a low-fidelity prototype, moving from paper to prototypes in Google Docs, and then we chose one design and applied that design to everyone’s assigned shelters.

Formatted in one layout, we then compiled these resources into one helpcard prototype of medium fidelity.

We had some questions about what information would be useful in terms of navigation. We knew that bus routes would be useful, but we didn’t know whether we were presenting them in the most efficient and clear way possible. Additionally, we didn’t know what would be helpful in terms of guiding the user from stepping off the bus to the door of the resource; we tried including a street corner that’s close to the resource, but we decided we would have to ask the users what they think. With these questions, we moved into Test.

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