Montrose Grace Place: Ideate

This week we identified what information we wanted to include in our help card. For the bulk of our weekly meeting, we brainstormed how we can best organize information on the help card. We wanted to build on the previous help card, but this time including a description of each resource’s services so that users can choose which resource they want to go to based on their needs at the time, while also adding Metro routes to each of the locations to help better navigate. Previous help cards made navigation difficult because many housing insecure youth do not have cell phones/stable access to the internet, and thus looking up directions to a location is not always an option. We also spent the time deliberating whether to include a map in the help card, but our primary concerns were the large amount of space it would take up and usability in a large city like Houston. After careful deliberation and getting feedback we decided our goal is to create a resource guide that is useable and updatable and consistently presents information in a easy-to-understand way.

Categorizing different possible components of the new help card

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