Thread Together: Build/Test + Implement

This week team Thread Together started to create a medium fidelity prototype of our bookmark in Adobe Illustrator and began to speak with Kaila at the Community Cloth about what implementation of our design would look like going forward.

In order to make the process of creating the bookmarks for artisans as new interviews are done as easy as possible, team Thread Together will hand over a template in Adobe Illustrator to The Community Cloth. This will allow Kaila to easily switch in and out photos and quotes from a particular artisan on the front of the bookmark while the backside, which contains information about The Community Cloth, stays constant. Currently, the team has created bookmarks for two TCC artisans and is aiming to create four bookmarks for Final Review. When we hand off our design to Kaila, we will also be giving her a list of Fair Trade establishments in Houston and a list the insights that we have complied throughout this design process which can hopefully be of use to the organization in the future.

In terms of iterating on our design itself, we have received a large amount of positive feedback on the photos that we have added to the bookmark and are currently looking to incorporate more of them onto the backside of the design. We will also be making sure to plug all of The Community Cloth’s social media on the bookmark and clearly indicate where the QR Code will be taking conscious customers if scanned. Our next steps are to finish designing the medium fidelity bookmark in Adobe Illustrator and test this prototype in Rice Coffeehouse. Based off of this feedback, we will make modifications as necessary before presenting our high fidelity prototype at Final Review.

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