ScootAASS: Identify

Hi! Shane, Adam, Aitash, and I (Stephanie) are a team of four Rice students working on increasing servery accessibility on campus for mobility scooter users. Our goal is not only make the serveries accessible, but also usable.

So far, we have defined our problem space and possible subproblem spaces. We also identified our users and stakeholders, and examined our assumptions and questions about this challenge.


  • Mobility scooter users, either temporary or permanent


  • Rice H&D
  • Rice Disability Resources
  • Staff and students

Problem Space

  • Mobility scooter users require bystander assistance to get food and drinks in the servery
  • The serveries lack a standard design, and food counters are too high/far back
  • Mobility scooter users struggle with carrying plates, drinks, and utensils while driving

Subproblem Space

  • Overcrowding in serveries makes maneuverability difficult
  • Lack of handicap doors


  • Who are mobility scooter users (permanent vs temporary)? What are their challenges?
  • Who are the bystanders (students vs H&D)?
  • Are certain serveries more accessible than others?
  • How do accessibility and usability differ?

We are excited to dive into this project!

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