Montrose Grace Place: Identify

We are the team working with the Monstrose Grace Place and the Houston Coalition for the Homeless. Our names are Jared Snow, Ashton Drake, Chidera Ezuma-Igwe, and Matthew Perez. We are working together because we are interested and passionate about the intersectionality of LGBT+ specific issues within the homeless community. We are working on designing a way to distribute information on resources that the City of Houston has to offer its homeless and housing insecure community. Specifically we are working with the Montrose Grace Place, and focusing on information which is relevant to the homeless youth. We have identified our underlying assumptions about our users and stakeholders, as well as researched solutions that exist both within Houston, as well as across the United States. In the following week we plan to meet with our community partner, Courtney, at the Montrose Grace Place, and gain further insights on the individuals who visit the Montrose Grace Place, and who we hope to interview and test with.

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