Week 6 Reframe: Open Arch

After meeting with our community sponsor and other members of the Northside community at the charette, we decided to shift our focus to having the sign outside of St. Arnold’s.  With this change in setting, we also decided that our user entity could be re-narrowed back to a user persona – a young, caucasian professional. This allows us to safely assume that our users will have access to smartphones and the internet, which heavily influences what content needs to be present in our final design.  Regarding our design, we have decided on three main goals: it must be a clean and easy to read, stylistically, it must compliment the neighborhood it is present in, and, lastly, it should be modular – which allows for it to be easily updatable in the future and allows for more user interaction (such as posting posters on it).  Without these goals to lead us towards an ideal design, it would be significantly more challenging to determine if a design is actually addressing the challenge we are trying to solve. With all of this in mind, we decided on this HCW statement: “How can we utilize wayfinding to increase traffic to local mom-and-pop business in the Northside and Fifth Ward area?”


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