Hello! We are team Rice Bikes (alternative name: Switching Gears).

We are a DFA team working closely with Rice Bikes, a student run business at Rice University, to encourage students to more consistently perform maintenance on their bikes.

Our team has four members:

  • Connor Rothschild is a sophomore at Martel College majoring in Social Policy Analysis and Political Science. Connor’s spirit vegetable is kale. He is the team lead for this project.
  • Ashton Drake is a McMurtry Senior majoring in Cognitive Science. He managed to forget how to ride a bike but has since relearned with some effort.
  • Elise Gibney is an electrical engineering major from Wiess. She is Schrödinger’s Wiessman, existing as a freshman and a junior simultaneously until an event occurs that requires her to be one or the other.
  • Scott Fessler has not yet sent his team lead a one-line bio.

We are excited to get to work to better understand the problem and ideate solutions to fix it!


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