Rice University Bus Shelter

Introduction/Identify: Bus Stops

Hello all! Our names are Adam, Chris, Namita, and Aman. This semester, we are excited to work with our community partner, Lisa Lin, and the rest of the Transportation Demand Management Department in order to improve Rice’s bus stops. We are excited about this project because it has the potential to increase bus ridership and more sustainable transportation on campus.

This week, the Bus Stop team worked to gain a greater understanding of Rice’s bus system and unearth our assumptions about its usage. ¬†We started this process by defining the stakeholders and bus users.


  1. Rice University
  2. Lisa Lin and Transportation Demand Management
  3. Bus drivers


  1. Faculty
  2. Students
  3. Staff members
  4. Visitors to campus

Some questions we had about the bus system were:

  • How many bus stops are there? Where are they?
  • Is Rice building new bus stops or replacing existing bus stops?
  • How many people use the bus per day?
  • Are people not using the bus system because of bus stop locations or because the bus system is poorly designed?
  • What do our users want from the bus stops? What are the bus stops’ most important functions?

In order to get answers to these questions, we plan to send out an online survey and complete individual interviews with each of our user groups. We hope to collect data about usage patterns and current pain points about the bus system in its current form.






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