Period: Reframe

The reframe step of the human-centered design process consists of highlighting measures of success, defining design goals, and narrowing our How Can We (HCW) statement. This design step is crucial to understanding exactly what we want to achieve from this project, ensuring all decisions we make are motivated by the valuable user insights collected. At the reframe OS, we focused on brainstorming various HCW statements driven from user insights identified below: 80% of our survey respondents menstruate monthly, and 67.2% can typically anticipate when their periods will start. 35.1% of respondents budget for purchasing menstrual products. “I would rather buy … Continue reading Period: Reframe

Introduction: period.

Our team is working with Period at Rice/BCM this semester to help improve accessibility of menstrual products for people who menstruate on Rice’s campus. We’re interested to explore the different aspects of accessibility this semester, whether that’s financial, physical, situational, or other aspects of accessibility we haven’t considered yet. Ultimately, we hope to use design to help Period advance their goals of ending period stigma and increasing access to period products in the most effective way possible. So far, we have started research into existing solutions in this space and will be meeting with our Community Partner this week to … Continue reading Introduction: period.