Introduction: period.

Our team is working with Period at Rice/BCM this semester to help improve accessibility of menstrual products for people who menstruate on Rice’s campus. We’re interested to explore the different aspects of accessibility this semester, whether that’s financial, physical, situational, or other aspects of accessibility we haven’t considered yet. Ultimately, we hope to use design to help Period advance their goals of ending period stigma and increasing access to period products in the most effective way possible. So far, we have started research into existing solutions in this space and will be meeting with our Community Partner this week to get more information about the scope of the project and about previous efforts to address this problem. Moving forward, we’ll be scoping down our current How Can We: HCW increase accessibility of period products for menstruating people on Rice’s campus?

Meet the Team

Riley Holmes is an English major with a minor in Biochemistry. She loves working on her writing, practicing visual design in Adobe Illustrator, and taking pictures of her cat, Pumpkin Seed. Fun Fact: Riley failed her driver’s test twice before getting her license. This is Riley’s first semester in DFA.

Allison Yelvington is a Sociology major with a minor in Environmental Studies. She’s passionate about environmental sustainability and enjoys making collages, reading memoirs, and listening to hours of podcasts. Fun Fact: She’s really good at balancing things on her head. This is Allison’s second semester in DFA and she is the Team Lead this semester.

Magdah Omer is a Bioengineering major with a minor in Engineering Design. She loves to draw, paint, and read feminist speculative fiction. Fun Fact: She’s been on three expeditions across three deserts. This is Magdah’s first semester in DFA.

Emma Siegel is a History major with a minor in Global Health Technology. She loves to go on adventures around Houston with her friends, poetry, comedy in all forms, and interfaith work.   Fun fact: she spent her summer on a tiny island in the Caribbean creating curricula on disaster risk reduction for kids with disabilities. This is Emma’s second semester in DFA and she is a team member this semester.


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