Team Harvey Relief: IMMERSE

So far, we’ve created interview questions and templates to ask our users and experts, so that we can continue to gather insights and develop a better understanding of our problem space. We have also sent out emails to experts either in volunteering, or who were involved with organizing R-HAT, Rice’s volunteer initiative in the wake of Harvey, in order to understand the entire process of volunteering and how to best improve it.

Experts we’ve identified:

  • Jerusha Kasch, Rice Crisis Management
  • Dr. Caroline Quenemoen, Associate Dean
  • Dr. Dan Wallach, Professor in Computer Science
  • Dr. Stephen Klineberg, Kinder Institute
  • Dr. Robert Stein, Professor in Political Science
  • Sonia Torres, RSVP and CCL
  • Navya Kumar, CCL
  • Ariana Ingles, SA Senator

We conducted interviews with many of those experts, and synthesized the following key insights:

(Todo: Add Key Insights)

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