Chapstick: immerse

For the immerse phase, team Chapstick took a visit to Clarewood House to interview users with arthritis and people of old age in general. We arrived with prepared questions for our users as well as three different versions of Chapstick containers. The objective was to get a live view of users interacting with different container types and identifying any physical challenges present. All users were eager to participate and offered not only project advice, but life advice in general. The interview process was difficult in getting follow up questions answered due to the nature of our users. We accommodated this … Continue reading Chapstick: immerse

Team Writing Utensil: IMMERSE

We immersed ourselves in the problem places by doing individual online research for specific user groups and issues that may cause hand disabilities and writing difficulties. We decided that instead of focusing on specific hand disability user group to focus on the effect and how we can assist people with hand disabilities to write quicker and easier. We also got the opportunity to talk to a community partner Dr. Lee who is excited to work with us and offer us what resources he can. He has a very good engineering prospective to contribute to the solution of our problem. We … Continue reading Team Writing Utensil: IMMERSE

Team Design Journal: IMMERSE

For Immerse, we reached out to different studios and had them fill out a survey. We also all did phone interviews with studio leadership and asked them a series of questions about their studios. If we create a design journal that includes many DFA studios, all the studios are stakeholders (our super-stakeholders could be the studio leads).   “Design thinking is a principle of understanding human needs.” -Jason Charles   We realized that pain points of the studio come in many different flavors: Studios have problem with recruitment / retention People outside of DFA don’t know what DFA is / … Continue reading Team Design Journal: IMMERSE

Team Tools for the Homeless: IMMERSE

This week, our team delved into the Immerse phase. We gathered info from primary and secondary sources to build an idea of who our users are, their primary struggles, and their environment. We visited Kenneth, the Outreach Director of Star of Hope, a homelessness resource center and our community partner, to learn more about the daily needs of our users and the roadblocks they face in providing services. We synthesized this primary source and our secondary research to construct our user persona. Visiting Star of Hope: Star of Hope provides resources to move individuals from the street to stability in … Continue reading Team Tools for the Homeless: IMMERSE

Hermann Park : IMMERSE

  For this week, our team (Parks & Res!!)  attempted to IMMERSE in our project through two different means: Research about the park and making a site visit for interviews. We built a fancy template for on-site interviews, and in two different groups (Beril & David and Aitash, Viney & Kate) went out to Hermann park to not only interact with park-goers but the park itself. The Problem space we examined on that day was the park itself (obviously), but more specifically popular hubs such as the reflection pool, the pond, the outdoor theatre and so on. Early on in … Continue reading Hermann Park : IMMERSE

Team boxWater: IMMERSE

IMMERSE Art Visits Last week, we kicked off our immersion into installation art and water consumption with some exhibit visits. We went to the Contemporary Arts Museum in the museum district and saw Brooklyn-based artist Christopher Knowles’s In a Word and collaborators Sunil Gupta and Charan Singh’s photo series Dissent and Desire, which focused on the experience of LGBTQ+ people in India. We enjoyed the exhibitions, discussed them afterwards, what we liked and didn’t, ideas that pieces gave us. A key observation we made about people’s museum habits and behaviors: typically, a group will split up to look at the art as … Continue reading Team boxWater: IMMERSE

Dish Drop ReDesign: IMMERSE Community Studio

The second workshop in our Dish Drop Community Studio project is IMMERSE. Using the user stories from last week, we identified some potential problems and users. The congestion of the dish drop area can have some unexpected consequences, a student diner reported “one time during the shuffle of putting up plates at Siebel I dropped my phone in the trash, which was gross.” Another student noticed how an Housing & Dining Employee “got stuck trying to collect plates and dishes and clog the flow of dish droppers.” There were also several observations about the dish drop area, like “Liquid disposal … Continue reading Dish Drop ReDesign: IMMERSE Community Studio


To experience the challenges with cars at intersections first hand, our team has walked around campus and surrounding areas to access the challenges present.  Some issues we noticed are drivers trying to speed up and make yellow lights, the dangers of right turning of red, the trouble with crossing a busy road as a pedestrian, and sharing the road with cars while on a bike.  Other key factors we noticed at intersections are the importance of eye contact between other drivers and pedestrians when crossing streets in order to determine who has the right of way.  From our walk around … Continue reading FCA: IMMERSE