Aquaponics: IMMERSE

Did you conduct user interviews this week? If so what insight did you gain?

We have reached out to experts and potential users but have not conducted any formal interviews yet.

Describe related projects that have been done to address your problem.

Hydroponic systems in low resource areas have already been built on small, medium, and large scales.  The projects we have looked at mostly incorporated aquaponics as a way for self-sustainability, but we are planning on incorporating aquaponics as a way to grow a small business.

What do you hope to learn more about in the next couple of weeks?

We are going to learn more about aquaponic systems by building one in order to assess accessibility, ease of construction/maintenance.  We also wish to learn more about our client (how they work, what they do, what their resources are, etc) and how we could benefit them.

How can we provide refugees with the materials to incorporate usage of an aquaponics system in their lives?

How can we provide an environment for refugees to be empowered through use of an aquaponic system?

How can we empower children of our users with information and understanding to make a lasting gene impact?

  How can we use more Post-It Notes?

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