Chapstick: immerse

For the immerse phase, team Chapstick took a visit to Clarewood House to interview users with arthritis and people of old age in general. We arrived with prepared questions for our users as well as three different versions of Chapstick containers. The objective was to get a live view of users interacting with different container types and identifying any physical challenges present.

All users were eager to participate and offered not only project advice, but life advice in general. The interview process was difficult in getting follow up questions answered due to the nature of our users. We accommodated this by shortening the interview questions to several key questions that would offer us key insights. The key insights that arose were:

Familiarity is a big factor in usability
Twisting small objects is the hardest aspect of using Cheapstick
Contrary to belief, the eos design was the least liked
The wider base chapstick was the easiest to use

User Persona:
Mrs. Smith
95 years old
Suffers from arthritis

Has lived a long adventurous life
Has used lipstick for most of her life
Has suffered from arthritis for a large part of life and has adapted
Feels she can use anything that is small after enough practice


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