Montrose Grace Place: Test

This week our team visited Montrose Grace Place, a drop-in center in Houston we are partnering with, to get feedback from individuals currently/previously experiencing homeless in Houston on our help card. At this stage, we included a short description of services, as well as bus routes to the location. The insights that drove these additions were that when interviewing youth, they often felt uncomfortable trying out going to a new resource because they were unaware what a resource had to offer them, and most all of the youth reported that their main mode of transportation was the bus. Considering these insights, along with the fact that most homeless youth in Houston do not have ready access to the internet via cell phones, we decides to include these additions to transform our list of resources into an actual help card. We also included a nearest street corner to attempt to help navigating our users from the bus stop to the physical location of the building. During testing we found that our users found this confusing, and that street corners are not typically how our users navigate from bus stop to building, instead preferring to use relevant landmarks, or address numbers. We were able to affirm through testing that users felt that given only our resource card, they would be able to get themselves to the location of any of the resources listed.

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