First OS of Spring 2019!


Spring 2019 kicked off to a great start today. We have 17 returning members and 9 fresh faces, and we’re looking forward to see how this semester goes with our studio’s first ever slate of fully pre-scoped projects. The highlight of today’s OS was definitely team reveal!

This year, we did team reveal a bit differently. Everyone non-team lead in the studio was handed the spirit vegetable of their team lead. Folks had to first find others holding the same veggie as themself, then work together to try to guess who their team lead was. #peppervibes ?

Nobody got it right.

But below are the team leads for the Spring 2019 semester!

Matthew Perez (Corn, Team YMCA, National Project)

Stephanie Xie (Arugula, Team Compass, National Project)

Kaarthika (Carrot, Team Mi Familia Vota)

Connor (Kale, Team Rice Bikes)

Taylan (Eggplant, Team KTRU)

Alec (Green Bell Pepper, Team Urban Harvest)


Exciting stuff!
(Beet, Studio Lead)

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