IDEATE: Open Arch

After our visit to the Northside, we had a better understanding of the neighbourhood we were working in, which allowed us to move onto ideate. During this step of the design phase, we began to think about the project in two parts: content and aesthetics. For content, we were particularly interested in the exact information that would appear on the sign. What points of interest are we trying to target? Is the purpose of the sign for going from point A to B directly? Or for wandering and enjoying the area? These were some questions that came to mind when we were ideating for content. With these questions in mind, we subdivided the points of interests into larger categories: food and drink, entertainment and art, retail, public transportation, and government and parks.

As for the aesthetics, we were focused on what the physical sign would look like. After several rounds of ideating, we came up with a general scheme. Our sign would be tailored to the human scale at around 6′ tall. It would be four sided, allowing for adequate space. One side would be dedicated towards the map and main content that we were ideating before. The other sides would either be reserved for artwork from local artists, or flyers and brochures promoting local businesses.

Moving forwards, we want to nail down the content first, and then move onto refining the aesthetics effectively communicate the information.

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