BUILD: Mi Familia Vota

This week, our team focused on making a variety of tangible prototypes of voter pledge cards to communicate and test out our ideas. We identified a few points that we believed were essential to keep on the voter pledge cards, and which points could be condensed or reframed on the newly designed cards. We worked on lo-fi prototyping, or creating simple, low-cost prototypes to implement and receive feedback for our ideas. We prototype at the lo-fi level first to test out multiple ideas we have for the final product, so we can learn more about our concepts. We are currently working on reframing the mission statement on the pledge card, so Mi Familia Vota can more clearly communicate its purpose to the users. Additionally, we are currently deciding which information is essential to collect from the users, and which information is not, so we can condense the card and the time it takes to fill it for the users.

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