Aquaponics: REFRAME

What are the biggest key insights you’ve gained for your project?

We started building our prototype this week to determine the feasibility/ease of creating a system.  So far, we have only completed about 10% of the work but so far it has been fairly simple.  We spent a relatively small amount of money on a fairly decent sized system using easily sourced materials.  The process has been moderately labor intensive and involves some tools.

  Some additional ideation building off of the previous open studio’s ideation.  We have begun specializing and coming up with more specific ideas within a few realms of possibility that we drew up last time.

What is your new HCW statement?

How can we provide an environment for refugees working with the Plant it Forward organization to be empowered through use of an aquaponic system?

What are your hopes for your project?

We hope that we can create a kit/instructional pamphlet that will be simple enough for anyone to understand. We want to build and design a couple of cheap and simple model kits for the refugees to try out and provide us with feedback. We also hope to further emphasize sustainability by utilizing recycled materials as parts to the kit if possible.


Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 2.17.22 PM.png
  Fig 1. Assembling the prototype by attaching the stand pipe and tank connectors that will carry the water into the fish tank. (Ft. Mike, Coby, Onur)
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