Meet Team Compact Dressing Station

Tell us about your team.

We rock

What are you looking forward to most as a team this year?

Emma: I’m looking forward to working with my team to solve a problem that I’ve familiarizing myself with the design process and

From a team lead perspective

Yasmine: I’m looking forward to getting a more solid foundation in the design process through a project that is much different than past projects I’ve been on. Since I recently switched majors, I’m also looking forward to moving forward with a slightly different academic viewpoint.

Grace: I’m excited to design a device that could potentially impact a lot more people and make some lasting friendships in the process

Andy: I am most looking forward to working on a brand new design project and applying my skills and experiences to solve a problem.

What is a challenge you expect to overcome this semester?


Yasmine: I hope to be able to manage juggling 2 big group projects this semester and keep on track with both

Grace: Balancing school life and extracurricular life as a new student!

Andy: I hope to work well with a new group of people.

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