ScootAAS: Post MSR

Last week, we had our Mid Semester Review. Our HCW statement evolved a bit before our presentation: How can we empower mobility scooter users in Rice serveries to carry food and drinks independently and quickly? Our design goals are to create a lightweight, portable device that can be implemented by the end of the semester and will promote independence and efficiency. 


To evaluate, we would try to physically test the prototypes on a mobility scooter and go through the servery with it, either literally or conceptually (using the videos we took or asking Shane and mapping his steps). Success would be cutting down the time it takes to go through the servery (with and without our solution), and not needing to ask for assistance.

For now, the most feasible prototype is the tray. However, we also want to try tackling the reaching problem, since the solution for this problem space may be the most effective for promoting independence.

Our feedback helped us feel more confident about our choice about which problem space to focus on. We got good feedback on different mechanisms to attach as well. For instance, someone suggested a tray that would fold like a desk, while another suggested velcro to attach.

We are excited to start building and prototyping in the coming weeks.

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