feedthekids: REFRAME

Measures of Success

In order to measure the effectiveness of our solutions, we created many measures that would indicate our success in addressing our HCW statement. The measures that directly deal with the families activities include:

  • The family cooks 5 meals a week
  • The family visits a grocery store on a regular basis and intends to purchase produce
  • The family remains below their budget when shopping

The measures of success regarding the actual components of the solution include:

  • Food preparation is simple enough for a child
  • Meals only require common kitchen technologies
  • Ingredients are predicated on a family’s cooking culture

Design Goals

The following are goals we intend to keep in mind as we ideate within our HCW’s focus. The ideas and prototypes that we create should reflect the requirements listed here:

  • Accessible → easy and inexpensive to understand, implement and repeat
  • Efficient → requires less effort than normal routine
  • Curated → carefully selected and refined information relevant to our users
  • Dynamic and Flexible → available in many formats and easily edited based on feedback
  • Beautiful → Pleasant to have within a home
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