Chapstickers: IDENTIFY

This first week we focused on research and problem spaces.  Specifically, we found the two most common forms of arthritis – osteoarthritis and rheumatoid.  The former occurs when the cartilage between two bones wears away, resulting in bone-on-bone contact which can be extremely painful.

The latter occurs when the body’s immune system attacks one’s own joint capsule lining which can also lead to pain.  With regards to different chapstick containers, there are many different kinds to consider.

There is the classic cylindrical container that sports a pull-off cap, as well as one that is more of a tub in that, so the user twists the cap off and applies the balm from their finger to their lips.  Another popular version is the “eos” which is more spherical in shape than the cylindrical version, but is twist-off instead of pull-off.  Another common type comes in a pouch form that also utilizes a twist-off cap but the balm must be squeezed out to be used.


We have currently found a couple problem spaces and considerations that are worth investigating.  For starters, elders with arthritis may struggle to obtain small objects from their pockets.  Also, all of the above typically lack a good grip – whether it be through poor texture or shape of the cap – for easier cap removal.  As we continue to do more research, we hope to find a few more problem spaces before advancing to the next step – Immerse.

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