Team Homemade Pride: Reframe

In light of recent talks with the case manager at the Montrose Center for the Rapid Rehousing Program, we have truly been made to reframe or die. While we originally thought that we would be designing to give users autonomy over their own spaces to grant authority and development of identity, we learned that there are greater needs at hand. Janise, the case manager, told us that many of the current youths in the rapid rehousing program are either pregnant, have children, and do not have their GEDs. With this contradicting the steadfast underlying assumption about gender and identity and the need for affirmation, it was time for a hefty reframe.

At our meeting, we discussed more focused problem spaces to ideate around. We narrowed it down to two: childcare and productivity.

After talking to the case manager about our user base, we discovered a few key user insights that have dramatically shifted our focus and design.

  1. 10/15 rehoused youth do not currently have their GED
  2. 10/15 rehoused youth have children or are currently pregnant
  3. GED resources are available in Houston area but are not accessible due to transportation issues, existing time commitments, and lack of motivation

With this new set of obstacles proposed to us, we were forced to reframe a whole new approach to best adapt to our users’ needs. Based on the design goal of financial stability and long term success, it is critical to ideate around this new problem area because a GED is essential to career advancement and job stability.

In terms of our medium term measure of success, we are hoping that 90% of non-GED holders actively work towards it with our solution during 18 months. In terms of our long term measure of success, we hope that 50% of non-GED holders get a GED by the end of 18 months.


Our new refined how can we statement goes as follows: How can we promote the self-sustainability of marginalized individuals who either lack a GED by focusing on their personal spaces?


Moving forward, we plan on deciding the contents of our box and potential ways to motivate our users by establishing personal goals that are relevant to their situations and desires for self-improvement. Stay tuned!

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