Mi Familia Vota Reframe

Phase: Reframe

Team: Mi Familia Vota

Date: 02/22/19


What are the biggest key insights you’ve gained for your project?

We have spent the past few weeks interviewing people and learning more about our problem space, and we learned three key insights:

  • Students tend to be very motivated about voting or very apathetic – there is very little middle ground, which can make it difficult for Mi Familia Vota to get new people to register to vote.


  • Socioeconomic status is a big factor in voting rates.


  • The current voting pledge card is confusing – it needs to be simple, fast, and easy to understand.


What is your new HCW statement?

We came up with 3 HCW statements from our research and insights, and we are currently in process of narrowing them down:


  • HCW incentivize and engage young voters follow through with voter registration effectively?


  • How can we connect MFV and students so they vote on election day?


  • How Can We (HCW) create a way for Mi Familia Vota to engage students’  interests in civic engagement and stay in touch with them?


What are your hopes for your project?

We want to build a bridge between students and Mi Familia Vota and increase the percentage of students who fill out the pledge card and actually vote.


Photos / graphics to share on website and social media (with captions pls):


We used sticky notes to categorize our ideas and key insights to help us figure out how to move forward.

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